It's time to let your

Soul Shine!

Embody radiance, abundance, inner peace and joy

Stop overthinking and disconnecting from love.

Stop playing small and undervaluing yourself, your life, and others.

Your grandest, most abundant life is waiting for you.


You may feel stuck, lost or disconnected from your inspiration.

Wanting a better life yet you have too much stress or not enough energy to find the motivation for change. (even when you know it is needed💜)

Life can be hard but it doesn't have to be this way.

After receiving my doctorate in spiritual psychology and helping clients heal for 20+ years, I discovered there are two major players in all of our lives:

1) The Protective Personality (or what I call your Subconscious Survival Traps) that have helped you "survive" which can look like:

  • old trauma triggers
  • anxiety or fear
  • depression or loss of joy and meaning
  • eating disorders, over drinking or numbing out
  • overworking or pushing too hard
  • anger and frustration
  • self-neglect/lack of self-love
  • perfectionism
  • never feeling satisfied
  • unhealthy relationships and loneliness
  • feeling disconnected spiritually
  • trying to control things you cannot
  • lack of money, time and energy
  • plus other sabotaging survival patterns. (you get the🥰)

2) The Soulful or Wisest Self full of guidance and love that helps you expand, embody and grow which can look like:

  • your inner-conscious nudging you to grow, take risks and expand
  • unconditional self-love
  • balanced, healthy relationships
  • strength to handle life's ups and downs
  • inner peace regardless of external circumstances
  • abundance in money, time and energy
  • support (self, others and the Universe)
  • trust and loving, spiritual connection
  • freedom from old patterns
  • empowerment and clarity
  • living your passion and purpose with success and joy
  • deep healing
  • passion, creativity and more. 🙏

The great poet, Maya Angelou said it so well, "When things were very bad her Soul just crawled behind her heart and curled up and went to sleep."

It's time to heal, reveal and WAKE UP to the love, empowerment and your grandest, most abundant life.

💫It's time to let your Soul Shine!💫

Here's what you will receive by having an award-winning,

Soul-based psychotherapist in your pocket each week:

🌟Weekly Soul Shine Reflections⭐️

Every Sunday morning, Dr. Shannon will share with you ways to restore, reawaken, and renew your Soul so you can easily move beyond the protective, survival patterns of your personality, reduce stress and anxiety, and experience more joy, love, and abundance.

Week 1: Reawakening Your Soul Meditation: Realign and Open to new possibilities

Week 2: Soul Shine Reflection: Time to reconnect and reflect.

Week 3: Transformational Tune-up: Grow beyond your survival patterns and nurture your Soulful Self

Week 4: Ignite Your Life! Energy Activator: Step into a new way of being. Become the change.

You will receive by email her most valuable, transformational approaches used successfully with 1,000's of clients in her thriving private practice and soul-based training programs over the last 20 years!

"Dr. Shannon’s approach helped bring me back to my joy. Coming from an abusive past, it had been years since I had felt joy. Each week of the program, I had a major breakthrough! This was priceless to my mental health!"

-Diane, Registered Nurse

Your joy is waiting

🌟Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment Strategies⭐️

Let's rewire your Mind-Body and Spirit for joy, abundance, love and all the life-changing gifts waiting for you from your own Soul!

When you align Mind-Body and Spirit, you reduce stress, are able to be fully present in your moments instead of living in the past or future, and you move beyond your survival, protective patterns.

You can stay connected to your Soul.☀️

You may have experienced the joy, love, flow and ease of having your mind-body and Spirit on the same team during yoga class, meditation, out in nature, while praying, during a retreat or maybe even in a counseling session.

The problem is most people lose this alignment in the day to day, when the going gets tough or they feel overwhelmed, scattered or splattered!

The mind and body are a "super highway" co-creating outcomes in your life and business. When you clear out blocks and live from your Soulful Self, this super highway flows more smoothly, joyfully, abundantly and lovingly.

You feel guided, supported and free from toxic patterns.

It's vital for your mental and physical health to master this alignment especially if you struggle with....

  • past trauma
  • health problems
  • drama or unhealthy relationships
  • anxiety or depression
  • self-sabotaging thinking or feeling patterns
  • Feeling disconnected spiritually
  • Lack instead of abundance

Dr. Shannon will show you powerful ways to realign, mind-body and Spirit, in ALL areas of your life.

I mean, why leave any area out?

Life is short.

Praise for Dr. Shannon's approach:

"I am a veteran of years of traditional, talk therapy, and that was helpful to a point. However, I did more inner work the first hour with Dr. Shannon than I did in all those years getting insight into my past and present.

Why? Because this process involves the totality of who I am-not just my mind and emotions, but also my body and spirit. It goes deep!

This is the real deal. It doesn't get any more powerful than this!"

-Laura, Nonprofit Manager

🌟MONTHLY 75-min. LIVE Soul Shine Masterclasses ⭐️  

In addition to the weekly transformational SOUL SHINE reflections, there will be a LIVE MONTHLY ZOOM breakthrough, masterclass with Dr. Shannon.

These 75-minute SOUL SHINE LIVES go beyond the already powerful, healing meditations and transformational practices.

In these LIVE BREAKTHROUGH SESSIONS happening the 2nd or 3rd Thursday each month, you will receive:

  • Rejuvenating and powerful teachings to transform emotional, spiritual or deep-seated beliefs that hold you back from letting your SOUL SHINE! ! 🎉
  • LIVE support directly from Dr. Shannon!
  • Guidance for your questions, stuck places and the areas you feel challenged from a highly sought out, trained professional with over 20 years of experience during Q and A time. (you can send these questions in advance)
  • LIVE coaching/healing processes so you can have break throughs and movement in the areas you need more support.


  • You will discover the most effective psychological and spiritual self-healing and empowerment approaches so you can get "beyond your story", feel energized and excited about your days and create a life and business that you absolutely LOVE.
  • What incredible freedom and JOY this creates!💜AND there is more.....

💰You will also save money on therapy and coaching by showing up to these LIVE monthly sessions with Dr. Shannon.

They will be recorded but I would highly recommend showing up!😜

You will feel lighter, brighter, more empowered, creative, clear, and connected to your Soul after these breakthrough sessions.

It's a great way to ignite and grow into the next best version of you every month!!!

One of my mentors used to say, "The greatest act of creativity is to recreate yourself." -Dr. Ann Nunley

Free yourself from your past and sign up here

More Praise for Dr. Shannon's approach:

"I am confident that if you identify any of the seven subconscious survival traps and follow the keys to breaking free, you will uplevel your life personally, professionally, and spiritually! "

-Anil D., Ph.D. President of Pharmaceutical Consulting

"When I met you I was a mess. I felt so broken. Today, I feel healed. My Soul feels whole. I am excited for the future, in love with the present and thankful for the past. I am forever inspired, touched and healed by you!"

-Sarah, Trauma Survivor

ABOUT Dr. Shannon

They call me the “Joy Doctor”. 🙏😜

I am an award winning therapist, an amazon best-selling author, and an inspirational speaker. As an expert in the field of spirituality and healing trauma for over 20 years, I have helped thousands of people find wholeness and joy naturally.

In 1994, I had a spiritual experience during meditation that healed my debilitating anxiety and depression permanently. Since this transformative experience, I have helped thousands of clients connect to their most loving, successful and joy-filled selves.

I am the founder of the Ignite! programs, SOUL SHINE, Heal Your Way to Success 8 week program and the “What is Your Subconscious Survival Trap" self-assessment quiz. I also am an international teacher training coaches, counselors and chaplains How to integrate Spirit and Soul into their practice, Mindfulness and Meditation approaches, Healing Trauma: Mind-body and Spirit, Recovery from Codependency: The journey home to yourself and so much more.

My most recent book, Grow Your Business by Growing You: A spiritual entrepreneurs guide to maximum success, joy and love is a roadmap to this unique, transformational process.

I LOVE helping others experience and become their most Soulful Self, dancing (so fun!), being in nature, yoga, and a rowdy, game of volleyball. 🏐💜

I am so excited to meet you inside SOUL SHINE☀️

How much time do I need for this program?

10-20 minutes, once a week. 75 minutes each month for the live, transformational masterclass. (like group therapy but even better<:)

What you will get:

⭐️Weekly transformational exercises Dr. Shannon has been successfully using with her clients for rapid healing and growth in your inbox each Sunday!

⭐️Mind-body-Soul alignment strategies that help you heal your survival patterns and rewire yourself for abundance, love, peace, wisdom and lots more JOY!

In addition you receive:

☀️LIVE 75 minute, monthly healing masterclasses with Dr. Shannon.

(They are recorded if you have to miss but live is where the juice is!)

☀️Bring your challenges, concerns and growth-edges and discover how to overcome them for good!

☀️PLUS connect to an award winning therapist in the Ask Dr. Shannon “Care of your Soul” office hours. (more details coming soon)

What does self-healing look like?

Heal, Reveal and Embody Your Soulful Self.

Make room for your authentic, most loving, truest nature and allow it to help you heal. 

When you reveal and embody your deeper needs as opposed to what you "think you need", you become:

  • Whole, strong and clearer.
  • Lighter and joyful.
  • Loving and present.
  • Creative instead of stressed.
  • Hopeful and trusting instead of fearful or urgent.
  • Abundant instead of lacking.

In this fast paced world it’s easy to forget that….

☀️YOU are more than your worry, stress, panic, shame, confusion, or depression. 

☀️YOU are so much more than the parts of you who feel lack, who disconnect from love, that overthink or who long for healthier relationships.

☀️YOU are so much more than the part of you who gets lost in old trauma, or self-sabotages with food, drink or other people. Staying so distracted that you don’t even know yourself anymore.

☀️You are so much more than the you that is avoiding YOU!

Step off the treadmill of internal stress.

Trust life. Trust YOU.

Stop running from your past.

💜You can choose safety now.💜

💜You can feel love and worthiness again.💜

☀️YOU are so much more than your past abuse, neglect or pain.

☀️YOU are more than the part of you lacking in time or money resources.

☀️YOU are more than the parts of you that feel disconnected and are in Soul-sucking patterns instead of supportive, life-giving, loving ones.

☀️You are so much more than your perfectionism, people pleasing or procrastination.

☀️Let Soul Shine connect you back to your deepest knowing. Your truest nature.

☀️Your most Soulful, creative, free, loving, wise and joy-filled Self. 

☀️Wake up each day feeling connected, inspired, and beyond your stress patterns.

☀️Guided by your inner wisdom, love and joy.

☀️Able to relax, rejuvenate and feel deep peace.

☀️Connected to synchronicity, flow and ah-ha's again.

☀️Inspired by fun and play instead of life being so serious. 

☀️Growing into more abundance instead of just surviving or playing whack a mole with your issues.😜

It's your precious life.

Let's dive in!