Heal Your Way to Success: 8 weeks to ignite your inner healing for outer success and joy

Are you ....
....tired of overworking, being drained or undervaluing yourself?

....making less money than you deserve?

....worn out with feeling lonely, anxious, depressed or in old patterns that don't support your highest potential?

....less spiritually connected than you know is possible?

Would you love...

....more power and peace instead of anxiety and stress?

.....abundance, money and self-love instead of undervaluing or wearing yourself out?

.....freedom, lightness and joy instead of getting stuck in past dramas and traumas?

.....increased, ever present. spiritual connection and flow instead of loneliness and self-doubt?

......healthier relationships and deeper love instead of unhealthy relational dynamics that drain you?

.....a successful, more-than-enough business or career that lights you up and fuels your mind-body and Spirit instead of one that takes more than it gives?

πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œAll of this is possible for you.❀️❀️❀️

You CAN have it allπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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*Next program begins March 7, 2023- May 2, 2023*

Introduction course and then every
Tuesday or Thursday each week from 6-7:30pm EST

*skipping spring break week April 3-7th

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This 8 week course is for you if you are ready to:

1) Become your grandest idea of success and joy so you can reach your highest potential (see. when we become it, the outer world reflects this back)

2) Create self-loving, success-generating and joy-bringing habits that co-create the experiences your heart dreams about (HINT: and it's not, do more, hustle more...πŸ˜‚LOL)

3) Completely transform and release inner pain.....criticism, shame, not feeling enough, loneliness, anxiety, worry, depression, feeling unloveable or old sexual, emotional or physical trauma and its impact on your life.

4) Fully become the solution you have been looking for (And yes, for ANY problem that keeps you up at night.)

5) Experience "enoughness and abundance" in all areas of your life

See, when you go deeper, you rise higher!

You become the solution and the doing or manifesting comes with ease.

Less struggle.

It happens naturally.

You truly do heal your way to success. πŸ’œπŸŽ‰πŸ₯°

What feels like a "wild, mess" inside of you or around you is trying to help you. And I will show you how this is so. ......because you may think this sounds crazy, right?

This "wild mess" of...

  • feeling like life or the Universe is against you somehow (why do these same things keep happening to me?....kind of feeling)
  • anxiety, shame, feeling unloved,
  • unhealthy patterns or relationships,
  • anger, disappointment, frustration, overload,
  • hopelessness or not getting the outcomes you desire despite all your efforts
  • not having enough money, intimacy, self-love, joy and freedom

.......IS the exact fertilizer needed to co-create your beautiful, whole and deeply satisfying life and business.

I have been helping others make this transformation for over 20 years....

and I can help you too.

See, when you align mind-body and Spirit,

  • You are powerful, creative and loving.
  • You can influence your destiny.
  • You are in the flow.
  • Support of the Universe or God is obvious.
  • You are unstoppable,
  • You become the ticket to your freedom and success.

❀️You CAN have it all. ❀️Love, money, power, joy, healthy relationships, a career or business that nurtures you and others, inner peace, deep contentment and so much more.

So what is it that your heart deeply desires?

What are you tired of tolerating in your life or business?

*Discover a proven, roadmap based in spirituality and psychology that causes rapid, permanent breakthroughs for lasting transformation. .

Open and walk through the door that many of the successful, spiritual and psychological leaders have been using for decades!

It's so accessible and right within your reach.

And I will teach you how in just 8 weeks *with a full year of support included.

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March 7, 2023-May 2, 2023
Tuesdays or Thursdays each week from 6-7:30pm EST



Most of us don't know how to sustain this alignment, that is the challenge.

How to embody a higher level of consciousness EVERYDAY.

Not just hope or dream about it.

See, you may feel a shift in therapy, at a retreat, in yoga class, or when things are going your way. You may feel aligned, mind-body and Spirit when you meditate or have a loving moment with your partner, but to embody your Higher Self and this alignment most of the time, well that changes everything!

(HINT: if you are wondering, how do I know if I am aligned or not?

If you aren't living your dream life or still having similar symptoms over and over, then there's a clue<:)

The good news....

When we transform the inner battle, the outer one takes care of itself.

The Universe conspires in our favor.

I see it all the time with clients and in my own life.

You ARE destined for more and yet you...

  • keep falling back into old patterns,
  • undervaluing yourself or
  • scattering yourself all over the place trying new things, .....only to end up with a similar outcome or experience. 😒

You end up overworking, avoiding your dreams or getting lost in personal dynamics that do NOT serve you. 😞 (we've all done it)

We've all gotten lost in old patterns that don't serve us. πŸ’œ

And with all due respect, it's time to transform that old pattern for good!.πŸ™

See when we have a healing experience in therapy, or during a retreat or while meditating, that feels great but to sustain this and know how to embody it, day to day, that is the challenge.

It can be totally frustrating yet it's the exact push we need to break out of the cocoon, or bloom a new version of ourselves!

You can sustain a new level of consciousness so that you become what you deeply desire.

You just need to know how to use the challenges in your life as fertilizer to your garden.

And I can teach you exactly how to do that.

Remember, it's your relationship to what is, not what is, that is the problem and the solution.

In Heal Your Way to Success, we know how to find your personal solution.

Your breakthrough.πŸ₯°

You deserve it.

What You Will Get:

8 weeks of live coaching and healing practices in a small, interactive group plus a full year of support after that!

In this live interactive experience, you will be discovering in a small group setting how to transform your trauma, drama, self-doubt, lack and any blocks that are in your way of living the life and business of your dreams. You will find out how to embody your wisest, higher, most powerful Self and allow this to be the leader of your business or life so you can experience maximum success and joy. We will meet 75 minutes a week for 8 weeks and then once a month for a year! You will be able to magnetize and ignite your success, abundance and joy naturally. You truly will BECOME it so you can DO IT!🌟πŸ”₯ It is time!

A breakthrough, deeply healing process that aligns your mind-body and Spirit⭐️

This spiritual psychology process has been the key to my clients success and why I won the title Best Therapist in Western NC.

I have never done this before, and this is a BIG Deal! I am giving you access to THE best transformational processes that I have been using for lasting healing. This usually is only shared with other professionals in the healing profession but now it's accessible to YOU! It gets to the root of the problem you are experiencing right away and transforms it. Talk about saving money on therapy bills...LOL. And now you will discover how to do this for yourself. Of course you will have my support for a year but I believe in empowering you! This mind-body-Spirit process is a game changer. πŸ₯°

⭐️You will never be "stuck' in an old pattern again.

A community of amazing spiritually minded, heartfelt, go-getters like yourself plus weekly Q and A

πŸ₯³ Community is everything. We can fly faster and farther together. And you will have a community who is Healing their Way to Success with you! You will also have a Heal Your Way to Success accountability buddy to support you through the whole 8 weeks and longer if you so choose. Where 2 or more like minded Souls are gathered, there is SOOO much creative potential and power. There will also be weekly Q and A in the facebook group in between our meetings together.

The Success and Joy Alignment Map: Your roadmap to freedom

With this alignment map, you will discover exactly how this lasting healing happens. How do we become it, then do it? How do we embody our Higher Self? What is success to you? Abundance, joy, unconditional love? Let's activate it now. Your business and life are an extension of you. By Aligning with the power of each of these stages of consciousness in this roadmap, you will be given the keys to your WHOLE, most empowered self, Mind-Body and Spirit so that you will BECOME the success and joy you are seeking. . You won't have to figure it out all by yourself anymore!. It's all about what you love and how you LOVE you! This roadmap will line you up with the power of this love, wisdom, creativity and passion πŸ™ Success and joy here you come! I am soooo extremely excited FOR you!be

It is your time to Align and Let your Soul shine! πŸ’«πŸ’°β€οΈ

Heal Your Way to Success

Whether you’ve taken mind-body-Spirit healing courses before, this course does it all....inner healing plus the outer success strategies.

  • 8 weeks of live coaching and healing to align your mind-body and Spirit in small interactive groups
  • Weekly Q and A with direct access to Dr. Shannon and her team in the Facebook group
  • A time-tested, transformational healing process that is usually only given to professionals called "the Inner Counselor" that will get to the root your problem right away! (and that Dr. Shannon credits to the success of her business having gotten voted Best Therapist of Western NC several times in a row)
  • The Success and Joy Alignment Map which is your ticket to freedom. Based in decades of spirituality and psychology, it maps out for you the exact levels of consciousness you will embody, which ones you are working on and which ones you already have.
  • Plus Dr. Shannon's newest book, Grow Your Business by Growing You. This workbook is invaluable to the live course and will guide you through the exact steps needed to become your dreams rather than just dream about them. (not just for those working on their business but any dream you want to grow)

Early Bird price $997

*early bird ends February 28, 2023

Regular Price $1,250.00

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Heal Your Way to Success VIP

Everything you get in the Heal You Way to Success Program plus:

  • 2 Individual 75 minute Coaching and/or Healing Sessions with Dr. Shannon
  • In these 75 minute sessions, you will be able to:
  • -heal a deep-seated pattern that you sense may require more one-on-one time.
  • -Receive private coaching on your business, relationship or personal issues and map out an individualized plan you can follow to help you achieve your dreams and goals.
  • The VIP would be a good choice for you if you KNOW you need individual, focused, uninterrupted support that will be transformational in one key area of your life or business.
  • The VIP spaces are limited due to the nature of Dr. Shannon's full schedule.

Early Bird price $1250.00

*early bird ends February 28th, 2023

Regular Price $1,500.00

How we do it:

Align with the consciousness of joy and love which is beyond your traumas and dramas

When we have past trauma and react to life, we are operating from the past. It's time to step into your amazing future! Let's use these old wounds like fertilizer and expand your success and joy capacity. I will show you how! You can become the person who can align with and receive your greatest dreams. It doesn't have to be hard.πŸ’«πŸŒŸπŸ”₯

Heal your success blocks which include money, mindset and the subconscious traps

Blocks with money, love or joy? Find out exactly what stands in your way. Once you identify and transform these (and I give you the time-tested, transformational process I use with clients -that got my voted Best Therapist in Western NC-to do this) you will naturally bloom and grow towards your highest potential. Nothing will ever stand in your way again πŸ¦‹

Ignite and Embody Your success and joy vision

Intention is everything. We will build the circuitry to align with your highest intention and connect with it FULLY so that you will reduce any static that is in your way of becoming your grandest vision of you. When you transform the old and tap into this power, nothing can stop you. 🏡πŸ₯³

Build your dream business and life: You can do it!

Your business and life are an extension of you. Using the power of your inner knowing, and the guidance from your Inner GPS, we will help you activate Soulful, success strategies that support your dream life and business. Your inner muse knows what is best and will guide you to clarity. It's all about what you love πŸ™ Coming from love and inner alignment, all things are possible.

Trade in your trauma and anxiety for success and joy here

WHAT Other Spiritual Entrepreneurs ARE SAYING



β€œI am confident that if you follow the transformational principles shared in this course and book, that you will manifest a life of 200%. 100% inner fulfillment, 100% outer success.

-Marci Shimoff

NY Times Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Women's Soul and Happy for No Reason

"The most powerful thing I have ever done"

"Training with Dr. Shannon and learning this approach has been the most powerful thing I have ever done for my business, my life and my clients.”

- Amanda H, Psychotherapist, Raleigh, NC



WHAT Other Spiritual Entrepreneurs ARE SAYING

β€œI am confident that if you follow the transformational principles shared in this course and book, that you will manifest a life of 200%. 100% inner fulfillment, 100% outer success.

-Marci Shimoff

NY Times Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Women's Soul and Happy for No Reason

"The most powerful thing I have ever done"

"Training with Dr. Shannon and learning this approach has been the most powerful thing I have ever done for my business, my life and my clients.”

- Amanda H, Psychotherapist, Raleigh, NC

Other success and joy stories:

β€œNot only did I have a breakthrough every session, but I was able to transform long-standing patterns of unworthiness and let go of ways I have protected myself due to my abusive past that were standing in my way of success and joy.

This was a game changer! I found my passion again. I have new meaning in my work and have the energy to follow through with it. Because of the deeper healing approaches I experienced.

I am much more successful financially and able to take healthy risks in my life and business.

Thank you so much Dr. Shannon.”


Registered Nurse

"Dr. Shannon... uplifts and inspires"

"Dr. Shannon South is the epitome of love and joy. She is an enthusiastic and clear teacher who uplifts and inspires others to live from their joy center AND create a life that reflects the love, peace and joy we are all deserving and capable of."

- Rev. Christy Snow

"I am a veteran of years of traditional talk therapy, and that was helpful to a point. However, I did more inner work with Shannon in the first hour of the Inner Counselor process than I did in all those years getting insight into my past and present. Why? Because this process involves the totality of who I am-not just my mind and emotions, but also my body and spirit. It goes deep! This is the real deal. It doesn't get any more powerful than this!"

- FP

Director, non-profit organization

MEET Dr. Shannon  

I'm Dr. Shannon, AKA, the Joy Doc! I am an award winning therapist, a best selling author and an international coach and trainer. Having started out my business and life in my 20's with debilitating panic attacks and depression due to a history of trauma, I finally finished my degree in counseling. I worked a $10 an hour job at a trauma hotline and went through more painful, break ups and relationships than I wish to remember. (they called me the Runaway Bride! Truth bomb! LOL) Fast forward to current time, my life is 100% different.

I have created a 6 figure, work from anywhere, transformational business that I absolutely LOVE. I found my fabulous Soulmate and have an amazing daughter. My work and home life are filled with lots of joy, love, creativity, play and freedom. And my spiritual connection is off the charts and growing. Life truly is the best it's ever been. πŸ’œ Living well is truly the best medicine to say goodbye to the past and embody your dream future!

And you deserve this too. ❀️

After having a spiritual experience during meditation which healed my anxiety, panic and depression, I then knew there was WAY more support than meets the eye when it comes to success, healing and joy. I went on to get my doctorate in spiritual psychology where I discovered deeply seated wisdom that carried the exact steps to breakthrough anything standing in your way so you can align with your wisest, most loving and empowered Self. When you do this, you become the person able to receive all the dreams your heart desires. Bottom line: You can transform anything. πŸ”₯

I've helped thousands of clients over the last 25 years overcome tremendous blocks to success and joy and you can do it too! πŸ™ Let's talk!

I can't wait to find out what your heart wants to experience and what success means to you! You truly can have it all!

In spiritual psychology, we believe the seed of your fullest potential is within you already, all you need to know is how to align with it for full blossom! I can't wait to show you exactly how to make your most difficult challenges, pure fertilizer to the garden of your dreams. This wild, mess inside of you is truly here to help you reach your fullest potential and I can show you how. Excited to get to know you.

Let's do this thing!

With all my love and joy⭐️πŸ₯°

Dr. Shannon

YOUR Dream business and life are WAITING.

There’s no better time to direct your future Self and business than right now. This course offers you years of experience, time-tested success strategies and an exact roadmap based on sound spiritual, psychological and success principles. Ignite your inner healing for outer success now. Don’t put your life and business on hold.